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Music is the way I live, love and serve.

The proverbial bio should be here I know, but that's so not me. Hello. Welcome to my page. I'm assuming you're here for the music, so I don't wanna hold you up.

I'm Larry Peace: DJ, producer, owner of a little record label called Supa Qween and music lover. Music is and has always been my first love. I love how music makes you feel at any given moment and it fills my soul to use it as a tool to bring joy to others.


Growing up in Minnesota exposed me to a variety of music and gave me the opportunity to spin for my musical hero, the late and great, Prince. My musical roots and first loves are funk and house music (I'm a sucker for 80's music in general). My biggest influences include Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the Basement Jaxx, Teddy Riley, Timbaland and Prince (of course). Prince is also whom I learned, indirectly, the benefits and beauty of working under a moniker..or two or three. There's so much music inside of me that it's very difficult to consolidate it all, so if I'm being true to myself then I have to create honestly and freely. Having aliases allows me to separate the genres for fans seeking a particular sound (what's up, Vic Lowdown). Having my own label allows me to put all of creations under one umbrella in addition to releasing other artist's work that I truly enjoy.


With that, I'll shut up now and leave you to it. Please look/listen around and jump down the rabbit hole, if you dare (it goes pretty deep, but worth the ride) Thanks again for dropping in and if I'm spinning in your area ever, come on out and let's party together.

Peace & Love,





Non-stop mixed sets allow you to bring the club along with you to the gym, office, or wherever you want.


Originals and Remixes.

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